My Two Main Sources Of Income After I Quit My Job

It was really difficult to raise a family if  we are focusing on one source of income. I did employed for more than 12 years and it was really hard, especially if you are the only provider of the family.

But, for my past 2 years prior to my resignation as an Engineer of a very big company, I did a research of how to create an income that will make me stay at home while earning money. It was confusing at start but in a short period of time (2 years) I did make money at home.


I used the internet as my instrument of my wide research and it did gave me an ocean of information which made me confused, of which is which. 

I said to myself. "If I will not take risk any of those, I can not identify the real one or the big thing for me". In short, I did took risk some of the ideas that for me was profitable and worth of my time and effort.

Yes, I failed a lot of times. But It did not stop me from pushing myself to move on.

I need to SUCCEED! I tag myself....

To make the story short...I did found the real one or two and even more.... that made me decide to leave my engineering job and stay with my family while acquiring wealth bit by bit.

My Two Main Sources of Income : Both daily and monthly.

#1 YouTube Channel 

Yes, you read it right. You can make money using your YouTube channel if you know what to do and how to do it.  Here is my latest income snapshot:


I am not hyping and showing off . This is only to let you show that this works for me and probably will not work for you. But again if you know how to do it? It might work for you.

Here is My Google YouTube Adsense Earnings:

So its shows that YouTube really makes us money.

#2 Investment Funds

This one needs a small amount of investment before you are going to earn a certain % daily profit. Yes! a daily % profit that will automatically deposit into you wallet account .

This is one of my Top Investment. It generate profit daily and it will automatically deposit to my wallet. 

If you are a risk taker, you can invest larger amount.

I did made a lot of research before investing to any investment programs. All of the Investment programs that I joined did made me money. Guaranteed.

My Marlive daily profit report: 

It is that much but imagine making money while doing nothing at all. It is one of my daily income source.

I think I am done. :-)

I hope you learn a lot from this post and you may subscribe for more of my earnings and tips.

Until next post...

Note :

I may post daily or weekly starting today and so on.. for sure.